From agtech, to healthtech and cleantech, NextFab Ventures has been one of the first investors in cutting-edge startups that bring tangible improvements to the world. Collectively, our portfolio companies have raised over $62 million from angel investors, venture capitalists, and government grants.



Biomeme’s platform transforms your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance.

Ravata Solutions

Developing autonomous assisted reproductive technologies for the animal and medical in-vitro fertilization industries.

Strados Labs

Developers of wearable smart sensors that automatically monitor and log wheezing, coughing, and shallow breathing patterns in real-time.

Hale Therapeutics

A connected device that automatically adjusts nicotine intake.

Hubly Surgical

Developing a cranial and orthopedic platform drilling solution.

Neuralert Technologies

Creators of a non-invasive, continuous stroke monitoring system.

Portable Diagnostic Systems

A microfluidics-based multi-drug testing platform for law enforcement that takes the guesswork out of impaired driving traffic stops.


Helping COPD patients breathe easy again with an ambulatory and wearable respiratory assist device.

SOLUtion Medical

Developing a reconstituting autoinjector whose intuitive design affords users efficient and reliable life-saving care and reclaimed confidence in times of adrenal crises.


Pilleve’s mission is to reduce the risk of addiction to controlled drugs.


Developing sleeves that use vibration therapy to help people with amputated limbs find relief from phantom limb pain. 


Patented smart compression system enhancing circulation and relieving symptoms of chronic stable angina.

Vita Innovations

Vita Innovations aims to advance the future of emergency medicine with a smart mask to improve clinical decisions and patient outcomes in crowded waiting rooms. 


Passive monitoring for senior living. Monitor the health of your residents and your facility, without the use of wearables.



Developer of an autonomous cart that can be used to haul crops like table grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and nursery crops out from the field.

Strella Biotechnology

Strella creates biosensing platforms that help eliminate food waste and improve produce quality.


ConnectDER is Helping utilities and solar installers get clean distributed energy resources onto the grid.

Andluca Technologies

Developers of easy-to-install smart windows that intelligently respond to sunlight to save energy, reduce glare, generate renewable power, and improve human wellness and security.

Deepwave Digital

Enabling artificial intelligence and deep learning at the edge of wireless systems and signals.

Flux Marine

Flux Marine develops high performance, zero maintenance electric propulsion systems from 15HP to 150HP+.

Outland Analytics

Saving the world’s forests by developing a system to provide instant alerts of illegal logging.


Creators of a novel bioreactor created for designers to make it easy to integrate biodesign into their workflows.


Developers of plasma systems for fresh produce safety.


Sublight Dynamics

Developing an intuitive six-degree-of-freedom joystick for gaming, VR, CAD, drones, and robotics.

The Most Curls

Developers of styling systems designed for women with textured hair.

Thrivo Technologies

Thrivo empowers hair salons with technology that eliminates waste, increases workplace efficiency, and boosts the client experience.

Unruly Splats

Developers of stompable, super-durable, programmable floor tiles with built-in lights & sounds.


Developers of air purifiers that use algae to clean the air we breathe.

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